Why it’s Important to have Water Removal in the First 24 Hours

The hours immediately after a water damage event occurs are difficult, to say the least. Understandably this is a stressful time for any homeowner and slowing down enough to plan the best course of action is easier said than done. It is important to know that the more time between the water damage and water removal, the more the property will deteriorate. Left unchecked water can cause extreme damage to a home, from mold to toxic chemically tainted water build up, water damage is a significant liability.

It is not uncommon for a leaking pipe, leaking roof, or a flood to be the cause of considerable water damage to a home. The most important thing to do after the damage occurs is to have water removal done in the first 24 hours. If you decide to wait, the state of your property will become progressively worse. In just a few hours mold will begin inching behind the walls and under the floors. The longer the water sits, the longer the water restoration process will take to complete, and the job will end up costing more.

Do not attempt to clean up flood water on your own. Very often flood water is contaminated with viruses and bacteria and can cause a person to become ill after coming in contact with it. It is best to leave flood water clean up to a professional.

A water damage restoration company will inspect the damage and accurately assess what steps need to be taken to prevent further damage and stopping the growth of mold or mildew. Often water damage is only apparent on the surface level when in fact there is much more damage below, hidden from the untrained eye. Water damage restoration company have professionals who specialize in finding the entire extent of the damage.

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