What Does Water Damage Services Include?

When you hire a water damage restoration company, you are paying them to perform the following four steps of the water damage repair process; water removal, dry out, removal of waterlogged material, and dehumidification. This article will discuss each step in detail. However, there is a fifth step, but not all companies will include it which is the reconstruction of the damaged space to its original state. Make sure to discuss it with your water restoration company when talking about the water damage repair services they will be offering.

  1. Sump pumps are used to extract the water from the afflicted area. These pumps are industrial sized pumps capable of pumping hundreds of gallons of water out from one area to another.
  2. The next step is drying out the affected area, which requires the use of industrial air movers. These immensely powerful fans are used to blow massive amounts of air throughout the water damaged room. Moving this much air through the affected area enables it to dry much faster.
  3. The third step is the removal of the waterlogged building materials; sheetrock walls, carpet, ceiling tiles, etc. If these articles remain, they will stop the space from genuinely trying and inevitably breed mold.
  4. The fourth and final step of the water damage repair service will include the dehumidification of the water damaged area. Even though the water has been pumped out, the waterlogged materials removed and space dried, when a property suffers from a significant water damage event, the air in the area becomes laden with moisture. This moisture can breed mold and can cause lingering water damage to the new carpet and other building materials if not dealt with. A commercial dehumidifier is capable of sucking tremendous volumes of water from the air and must be utilized to return the area’s air to normal moisture levels correctly.

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