Warm weather and water, from rain, usually mean a great time outside and the growth of plants, but unfortunately, it is also a cause for mold growth. Mold growth in buildings, including homes, means that there is an indication of excess moisture accumulation that has not been dealt with properly. This could cause the construction of your building or home to decay. It is also why professionals recommend that you regularly inspect for any leaks, condensation, or the poorer ventilated areas in your home to prevent any mold growth. In this article, we will talk about how warm weather and water can cause mold growth

How Warm Weather Can Cause Mold Growth

  • Mold grows in temperature levels ranging from 75°F to 85°F. They like the same comfortable temperatures as we do.
  • Warm weathers with humidity levels of 70% or higher within your home can cause mold growth
  • Moisture could build up from the humidity levels in your home. Watch for signs of condensation on windows, washing machines, bathrooms, and kitchen. 

How Water Can Cause Mold Growth

  • Storms and rains can enter your home or your building’s structure if not adequately steered away. Get your gutters cleaned, roof checked, and double-check if there are any areas in which rain or floods can enter your home.
  • Water has seeped through to your construction, causing the materials inside to be damp and be a home for mold.
  • Check for leaky faucets, gutters, AC units, and pipes. If these are left without being checked, mold can quickly grow in these spots.

If the warm weather and water have caused mold growth in your home, the professionals at DryMax Water and Fire Restoration can inspect your home for mold growth. We are a mold remediation specialist in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Opelousas, Broussard, and Alexandria, LA areas.