The NFPA estimates that in 2017 a fire department in the United States responded to a call for a house fire every 24 seconds. That is a lot of house fires and a lot of emergency fire damage. This article will talk about the appliances you have in your home that are most likely to start a house fire and what you can do to prevent that from happening.

1. The number one appliance in homes that causes house fires is, wait for it, drum roll…the dishwasher! Yeah, I know pretty anticlimactic. You’d think it would be something a little scarier like, maybe the broiler, or your stove, or even an old spooky toaster. But no, it’s the dishwasher, I’ll explain why. The dishwasher, as you know, fills up with water but it also has heating elements inside it. It gets really hot and are used to both dry your dishes and heat up the water to get those dishes extra clean. The problem is that this presents a lot of room for error, one faulty part and you have a fire. Never set your dishwasher and then leave the house, it is a pretty simple rule, if you want to avoid the need for emergency fire damage do not leave your home while any appliance with a heating element is active.

2. The next one is pretty obvious, your clothes dryer. These are the second most common cause of home fires in the US. Actually for a way scarier reason then the dishwasher, laziness! A lot of people are just too lazy. They forget to change the lint trap out between loads. A lot of people skip out on the yearly service that your dryer is supposed to get from a professional dryer vent cleaning company. Dryer lint is SUPER flammable.

3. No list of fire causing home appliances would be complete without mentioning toasters. The fact is that most people do not clean their toasters out as regularly as they should. Therefore they have large collections of crumbs and other debris in their bases. All that needs to happen for a fire to start is for the timing mechanism to fail. Then the thing keeps cooking and cooking and will set fire to its contents if left on long enough. Luckily most of these mechanisms do not fail too often. However, it is still important to be cognizant and stay vigilant.

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