ultrasonic cleaning

Content Cleaning

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When you have a fire in your home or business, or you have water damage of your home or business, personal property can be affected as well. While fire or water damage to your business or home structure is measurable, the damage to your personal property in many cases is not. Content cleaning is a technique that allows us to remove damaging contaminants and yet protect the underlying substrate.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used to clean your personal belongs after:

After a flooding, fire or storm, your personal belongings should be cleaned by a professional restoration company. With modern content cleaning technology, we can save many of your personal belonging that might seem irreparable or a complete loss. From stuffed animals to computers, appliances, and mini blinds, we can restore your property. Remove items from water if possible and safe, and contact us to clean and restore your home or business.

Your family heirlooms, fine collectibles, electronics and ALL of your personal property items are handled by our well-trained and professional crew members. Whether we are packing your items for storage, conducting an onsite cleaning, or if you are in need of a full contents restoration, DryMax will handle your personal property items with the utmost care.

ultrasonic cleaning
ultrasonic cleaning

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