For the most part, bathrooms are meant to get wet, between steamy showers, splashy baths, and enthusiastic hand washing, the average bathroom can handle some errant water. Burst pipes, constantly leaking showers, and leaking toilets will cause water damaged to your bathroom. Fixing your bathrooms water damage can be a daunting task, follow these four steps and it will be doable.

1. Find the Source of the Water Damage

This sounds easy enough at first, but it also means that you must find all of the water. That means not just stopping the flowing water from the burst pipe or leaking toilet or shower but also making sure you locate any of the water that might have pooled underneath the bathroom floor. This can be accomplished through the use of moisture meters, a cheap electronic instrument that can detect water behind walls and flooring.

2. Remove the Water

Once you’ve located all the errant water, you need to remove it. A wet vac is the best way to slurp up a medium amount of standing water but if you’ve got more than that you’ll need a sump pump.

3. Remove the Damaged Materials

Now that all the standing water has been removed you can start removing the water damaged materials from the bathroom. Waterlogged cabinetry, sheetrock, and flooring all need to go in the dumpster. You’ll need to get them out of there to start the next step in repairing the water damage.

4. Remove the Moisture from the Air

Once all that waterlogged material has been removed, you can begin removing the humid air from your bathroom. Even if you have a window in the room and you leave it open to air it out, you’ll probably still need to deploy a dehumidifier and maybe even an air mover to get the moisture level in the air to what it should be. Remember, if you have too much moisture in the air of your bathroom, mold will begin to grow.

That’s all, once you’ve done all that your bathroom is ready to be rebuilt and be as good as new.

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