According to a study from Ball State University, there were three hundred and six billion dollars in destruction from natural disasters over the last year. Several billion of those losses were from massive flooding. This article will discuss the three main reasons why it’s worthwhile to utilize professional cleaning and disinfecting after a flood

1. Knowledge of Proper Procedures and Protocols

Following proper procedures for disposal of damaged materials is critical.  After a flood occurs, there is a lot of stuff from a home or office that needs to be thrown out. Unless you know the proper protocol for disposing of those materials, there could be fines or even severe health repercussions for throwing things out the wrong way.

2. Health Risks of Contaminated Water

Flooding can infect a home or business with toxic contaminants, which can include anything from hazardous chemicals to raw sewage. If you try to clean up on your own without professional cleaning and disinfecting after a flood,  it may lead to you being exposed to toxic substances that you lack the proper personal protective equipment to handle safely.

3. Familiarity With the Disinfection Process

If you’re not familiar with the process of cleaning up after a flood, it’s possible that you’ll miss things that experienced professionals would not. For example, trapped moisture beneath seemingly dry surfaces is commonly forgotten when people do their own post-flood clean up. The biggest issue caused by this mistake is dangerous mold growth unbeknownst to the owner of the space. The mold growth is usually only discovered many months or year’s later after it’s grown extensively and may possibly cause people to suffer severe health damages.

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