Discovering mold in your home or business can be tricky. Let’s discuss some ways to detect and locate the presence of mold in your home or place of work. 

The first thing you want to take stock of is the way you are feeling around the suspected mold growth site. Are you sneezing, coughing, or having any additional types of respiratory ailments? If so, that could be the first sign that there is a potentially harmful mold colony growing nearby and that you need mold removal services. 

Are there any areas you can readily access that are otherwise dark and damp and do not have a lot of or any natural airflow? If so, those areas are prime mold growth areas that you should target in your search for mold. The biggest issue when looking for mold is you can not search inside of things like walls and other surfaces that do not have any natural openings like the deeper regions of an air conditioning system.

In the areas that you can access, you will want to look for colors and substances that are not supposed to be there. Use a flashlight and look for things that do not belong. If you start noticing a fuzzy texture on your walls or other surface areas that were not put there by your interior designer or aspiring three-year-old home decor artist, the chances are high that you just found mold! 

The last way to discover if your home or business has a mold colony growing and will need mold removal is to take an air sample. These mold testing kits will show you how to take an air sample from your home that you can ship to a lab for testing.  

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