If you run a hotel, you want your staff to keep up the hotel’s brand and luxury so that your customers can enjoy their stay. But what happens when there is mold in your hotel? All it takes is one small mold colony and a bad review to make sure that you don’t have a hotel business anymore. Mold growth is a serious problem and concern for your guests and staff’s health. This article will explain how you can take preventative measures regarding hotel mold growth removal

Mold Removal for Hotels

TURN OFF AIR CONDITIONER WHEN UNOCCUPIED. Not only does air conditioning use a large amount of energy, but turning it on when it is unnecessary creates condensation in the room combined with hot temperatures outside. Save energy and your hotel by cutting off the air conditioning when the room is not in use.

CHECK FOR MOLD IN CRACKS. Mold can grow just about anywhere, from underneath carpets, behind wallpaper, and ceiling tiles. Make a routine out of checking for mold by looking at cracks, hard-to-reach spots, and behind objects that generally would collect moisture.

EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES. Make sure that your hotel staff knows how to spot signs of mold growth and allow them to respond to situations as they see fit. 

REGULAR HOUSEKEEPING. Cleaning each room regularly is the most effective way to keep mold in its place. Hiring a trusted mold growth removal company once a month to inspect and clean will help keep mold growth at bay — while your hotel staff regularly dust, vacuum, and clean restrooms and fridges. 

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