The holidays are a special time of year. One of the things that make the holidays so enjoyable is that it’s the time when families get together. For a lot of people that does not seem to happen as often as we would like. People love to decorate their homes for the holidays to add to the excitement and holiday spirit. It’s important to follow safety guidelines when decorating during the holidays to keep your family safe this holiday season.

Christmas Tree Fire Safety

No holiday decorations safety list could be complete without a portion on Christmas tree safety. If you’ve ever built a campfire, you know that any good fire starts with lightweight easy to burn kindle, small twigs, and maybe some old dry leaves, to feed the fire. If you have an old dried out Christmas tree, it is basically like a perfect fire starter to burn down an entire house. When it comes to trees, it’s quite simple if the needles of the tree are dry and brown and falling off, it’s a fire hazard, and you should probably not have it in your house. 

Christmas Lights Fire Safety

It is important to keep fire safety in mind when decorating your home with lights. Both interior and exterior lights could potentially be hazardous for your home. Make sure that the lights are rated for extended use. Use the lights as directed and make sure that they are safely positioned and not near and or on anything that could potentially catch fire from the heat they give off. Do not leave your lights on when you are not home or you are asleep.

Home Safety

If you’ve seen any of the Home Alone movies, you know that there are the Harry and Marvs out there, looking for a holiday score. Burglars target people’s homes who they know are away for the holidays. One of the ways home invaders will choose a home is by taking a glance at their curbside garbage. If they see big flat-screen TV boxes and other large and or expensive electronics boxes, they may choose to target your home. Do yourself a favor and cut down those boxes before you put them out on the curb. This way, Harry and Marv won’t notice that you have a whole bunch of new electronics, and also, you’ll be doing a holiday solid for your local sanitation worker by making your trash more manageable. Everybody wins!

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