Many home fires start as a result of poorly managed electrical appliances and circuits. Electrical fires are notorious for spreading quickly and being particularly dangerous and deadly. In this article, we will discuss some practical tips you can use to keep your home safe from fire damage caused by faulty electrical appliances and wiring.

Fire Damage and Power Circuits

Do not overload your power circuits. Many people keep their televisions and other entertainment systems in the living room. Now in today’s day and age, we are moving away from VCRs and other TV attachments, but people still seem to find a lot of things to plug into electrical outlets in and around their entertainment areas. We want to warn against that as much as possible. Not only does all that clutter look unsightly and collect dust, but it can also overload an outlet and or powerstrip. In that moment of overload, a spark could potentially ignite and cause a small smoldering fire in your entertainment cabinet or carpet. 

A common misconception is that home fire kills families via the roaring flames, that is not the case, people who die in home fires die more often than not in their sleep from asphyxiation as the smoldering fire fills their home with unbreathable smoke. It is so important to maintain proper cable management and not overload outlets or power strips in and around your home’s entertainment area.

Fire Damage and Space Heaters

People like to use space heaters in their bedrooms when the weather gets a little cold, and they have a mean dad yelling about heating bills. These little devices can be an excellent solution for both of those pesky things. However, be aware that they can be a significant source of fire damage risk. If you choose to use a space heater, keep it at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn. This includes clothing, bedding, and books. Never leave them unattended and do not ever plug them into extension cords. 

Fire Damage and Cords and Outlets

Never use an appliance that has a frayed, cracked, or damaged cord. Pay attention to electrical issues like a recurring blown fuse or circuit breaker tripping. Many old homes have outdated electrical wiring and need to be rewired. If you notice that an outlet has burn marks or that an outlet feels warm, it is a sign that something is wrong. Call a professional so you can solve the problem. While all of these safety tips may seem like a burden, having a fire and experiencing fire damage is a lot worse. 

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