On average sixty-seven percent of American homeowners are at one point or another worried enough about hazardous mold growth in their home that they perform a Google search on it and spend several minutes reading silly articles about how to tell if they have it.

Here’s the thing my nervous sixty-seven percenter, every home in America, in the world for that matter, contains a certain amount of mold in it. The variable that matters is you, and your body’s specific reaction to the mold in your home is what deems your home’s mold as hazardous or not.

First things first, the symptoms of someone suffering from a hazardous mold can include;  headaches, chronic cough, skin irritation, and brain fog, which includes trouble concentrating and feeling fatigue from no real exertion.

Having any one of those symptoms does not mean for sure that your home is afflicted with hazardous mold.  The first litmus is how long you have been having your symptoms and do they go away when you leave that room or your home in general?

If the answer is yes, then chances are there is something localized to your home that is causing your symptoms. The next step is pinpointing the room and or spot in your home where the symptoms are the worse.

If you have a room in your house with a musty smell and you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms when you hang out in that room, and near that spot, the chances are that this is hazardous mold.

The next and final step is to get a mold testing kit, send those results into the lab to find out precisely what type of mold you’ve got bunking up in your home. Then call up a hazardous mold removal company and get that problem taken care of as soon as possible before it grows.

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