Mold remediation can be tricky, especially if you just had a mold issue resolved in your home or business only to have it return a short or even long time afterward! In this article, I will explore the reasons why mold can return after mold remediation and what can be done to stop it.

First of all, mold does not usually return after a proper mold remediation job, but one of the biggest culprits for its return is an unsolved moisture problem. Moisture is the starting point for all mold colonies to be born in the first place, so if you are eradicating a mold colony and neglecting to fix the issue that is causing the moisture build up, you can be pretty sure that the mold will return.

You know how people in the real estate business always say “location, location, location” well in the mold remediation business they say “ventilation, ventilation, ventilation” because ventilating is one of the best things you can do in a lousy moisture situation. Often bad moisture is a result of construction or geographic issues in a home or business. The solution is usually to figure out a way to better ventilate the space, getting rid of the moisture and effectively cutting off the life support of any current or potential mold colonies.

Here is the ugly truth, often mold will come back after you have paid for a less than competent mold remediation company to perform your mold removal. If you hire an unreputable company to do your mold remediation work, chances are your mold will return so do your research when it comes to your mold remediation. A mold remediation company should find the cause of the mold and take steps to resolve the source of the issue and ensure that it won’t reoccur.

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