Mold growth cannot occur without moisture. Therefore, it makes sense that the four most common places to find mold growth in your home are the attic, bathroom, kitchen, and basement.

Your roof is continuously exposed to all the elements. Even if you live in a dry climate that does not get much rain, you may still have mold growth in your attic. Think of this, it’s hot during the day but at night the temperature plummets. In this scenario, moisture can become trapped in the attic and given the right conditions that can lead to mold growth. All the more so if you’re in an area that gets a decent amount of rainfall.

Most bathrooms have showers in them, and most people take hot showers. A hot shower produces steam, if there are any little cracks or crevices in the room, the moisture of the shower steam can seep in, and you can almost be sure that mold will grow there.

Kitchens are another spot in your home with significant water sources. Most kitchens have a sink, dishwasher, and a refrigerator with a water line. It’s not uncommon for any of these water sources to spring a small barely noticeable leak where the water line meets the back of the sink or appliance. In the event of such a slow leak, the moisture combined with the darkness is a perfect place for mold to grow.

Basements are the best place for mold growth to occur. They’re naturally damp, they’re subterranean, and all of your homes water pipes run through it. The smallest leak can get a mold colony roaring to life given the average basements conditions.

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