In southern Lousiana, homeowners are used to hurricanes causing wind and flood damage to their home. Just in 2016, 28,857 National Flood Insurance Program claims were closed in Louisiana, making it the year with the most claims in over a decade. Most of these claims are hurricane-related, but it is still essential to prevent other forms of flood damage from happening to your home. flood damage restoration

Here are 3 essential practices to take to prevent flood damage:

  1. Check your plumbing – Both flooding and mold growth are common in Louisiana. Slow leaky faucets or pipes can lead to hazardous mold growth and eventually burst, causing flooding in your home. Here are places you should check for leaks:
    1. Any visible pipes
    2. Hoses hooked up to the washer, dishwasher, refrigerator, or any other machinery that requires water hook-ups.
    3. Check any seals that are in your bathtubs or sinks. Caulk can sometimes be used for sealing, but it can crack with age, so it is crucial that cracking caulk is removed and re-caulked.
  2. Check your home’s foundation – Most homes in Louisiana do not have basements, but they can be low enough that water can build-up around the exterior of your home, causing the soil to soften and wash away around your home. Having a working gutter system can prevent water build-up around your home, check your gutters yearly for leaks or clogs.
  3. Check your home’s exterior – As discussed in #1, caulking can be used as a seal, and it eventually cracks with age. Check the seals around your windows for cracks. Water can seep through cracks in the caulking around your home’s windows, which can sometimes go unnoticed until mold growth happens, which leads to a more costly solution.

If flood damage happens to your home, then it is important to only work with certified water removal specialists.  DryMax Restoration is an IICRC Certified Water Removal/Flood Damage Restoration company servicing the Lafayette, Lake Charles, Opelousas, Broussard, and Alexandria areas. Call 337-944-4354 for an inspection and quote today to prevent more flood damage happening to your home.